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Residential Care with Dementia Community

Senior Care of Sacramento has for years assisted families of adults suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia or memory loss disorders.

We always first try to establish solutions that allow a senior with mental health problems and memory disability to remain at home or with family, “aging in place”. The senior is cared for by family and friends, often with additional support from a paid home care agency vetted personally by our CEO Therese Johnson. Senior Care of Sacramento creates a plan customized for your loved one that provides services that minimize memory-loss disorder confusion and agitation.

If home-based care is not available, not sufficient for the individual, or becomes overwhelmingly stressful for the caregivers, we find a residential care community, again personally vetted by our CEO Therese Johnson, within the geographic area and budget you choose. All services, no matter how many hours, are free if a placement is made into a memory-care community with 90-days.

California laws define not only the level of care, but often what conditions are prohibited from being cared for in a memory-care home. Housing units are not “locked” like a psychiatric ward but are secured by alarms, delays, and keypads needing a code, providing to the extent possible a secure, home-like environment for seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory issues. The individual must do not present an imminent danger to others or himself. Special waivers are required if a resident requires hospice.

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Senior Care of Sacramento of course has detailed records of all communities in our region that meet these special regulatory requirements. We work with an array of communities with staff specially trained and skilled in handling the behavior associated with memory loss disorders.

Simply call us now at 916-877-6904 for a free consultation or fill out the form below to get started. We will spend as many hours as necessary for free to find the best solutions for you or your aging parent’s unique situation if a placement is made within 90-days.

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