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Customized caregiving solutions for the entire Greater Sacramento Region.

• Medical Assessment, Long-term Senior Care Planning, Medical Advocacy
• Financial Planning, Asset Protection
• Veterans’ Benefits and Medi-Cal Consulting
• Memory Care Consulting, Referrals, Placement
• In-Home Care Consulting & Referrals

Senior Care of Sacramento owner Therese Johnson is a Gerontologist, an educator for the California Board of Registered Nurses, sponsor of pro-eldercare legislation that passed the California State Legislature, and an eldercare advisor to our state legislature on issues regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act. She is an author, TV producer, radio show host for 105.5 FM’s “Senior Moments”, Alzheimer’s specialist, and was, for years before founding Senior Care of Sacramento, owner and manager of a highly-regarded local residential care facility for the elderly.

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Hello Therese,

Our family was in what seemed like an impossible situation and thanks to Therese Johnson, we are now all breathing easy. We desperately needed assistance in finding the right place for my mother and father-in-law. The list of possible scenarios was endless and totally frustrating.

Questions like should they be in a nursing home or assisted living? What areas are available to us in our price range? Do they need a registered nurse to be on site? What benefits are available to them?

Nobody I talked to was able to answer these questions UNTIL we were referred by Rick Buckman at the Veterans office to Therese Johnson. I knew after just a few conversations with Therese that we were in good hands, and finally hope in this maze of uncertainties was found.
Therese Johnson lives up to her company name and slogan, “Senior Care Consulting – We give you Peace of Mind.” From the first phone consult, she was caring & knowledgeable, open to our particular situation.

She has followed through in finding the perfect place where all their needs are being met by friendly professional caregivers. You can tell Therese thinks of your loved ones like her own.

Anyone who is faced with trying to find a home for the people they love needs people like Therese to help them out. People you can trust. It’s already a stressful situation, but with a little help, this transition can actually be comforting.

We highly recommend Therese Johnson as a senior care consultant and are open to anyone contacting us for more information.

Jane Jennings

Dear Therese,

Recently, you were kind enough to come to our home to do an evaluation assessment of my Dad who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

I knew very early on in the evening that we were in the hands of a very knowledgeable and caring person.
My mom and I, along with my sister Wanda, who made the trip from Alaska specifically to be a part of this decision making process, were all overwhelmed to say the least.

We are so grateful to you for being such a dedicated person.

There is no way we could have done it without you, not only did you do all the legwork and provide the best facilities (in our price range) for us to visit, but also you actually did all the research involving the prices and amenities, and every other benefit or program we might qualify for.

Your diligence to your work is an amazing thing to see in this day we live in. You should be proud of your commitment to your clients.

The assistance you provided to our mom as well as to my sister and I have given us such peace of mind.

I would like to personally THANK YOU for not only the knowledge and service you provided, but for being there for my mom when the tears were flowing and you knew all the right words to say.

You are a GODSEND!!!


Jeri Evans
(for) Ruth Freeman and Wanda W.

Dear Therese:

Thank you for helping me and my sister get my mother settled into a secure and safe living situation. During a time of crisis, you provided careful guidance and helped us understand the circumstances affecting our decisions regarding our aging mother. During this time neither my sister nor I could travel to our mother’s side.

Our first experience consulting with you was opportune and fortunate as it turned out to be a critical time in our mother’s life. You quickly grasped the issues we were facing and made a thorough assessment. Although it was hard for us to hear, you were able to help us understand the transitional stage of dementia our mother was experiencing. In short order, it became clear to us that you had a depth of experience and understanding of gerontology.

During the critical days when we were out of town and couldn’t return to our mother’s side, you became our advocate and communicator. We were able to rely on you to accurately report on our mother’s situation. You also did an excellent job as our intermediary with hospital representatives and assisted living representatives to get mom settled in respite care.

At the assisted living facility we had selected based upon your recommendation, I found my mom safe and sound. Over the next few days, my sister arrived back home, and we worked with you as you further helped us accurately understand our mom’s disintegrating situation and find the best place for her.

Mom is now comfortably settled in a facility that you were able to find and evaluate. We are very satisfied with her situation and grateful to you for helping us get her settled. Should a family approach you for your professional assistance, I would be happy to speak to them on your behalf.

Sincerely, Charles R.

Our first priority is to keep the aging client independent and in-home as long as possible. When necessary, Senior Care of Sacramento provides free referrals to personally vetted and approved Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs), Assisted Living Communities, and Board and Care homes.

We offer personalized and comprehensive senior care solutions, including client assessment, placement, advocacy, individualized long-term care plans, and formal training programs for senior care professionals, nurses, and caregivers. Our ultimate goal is to optimize the health and wellness of seniors, enabling them to live in dignity and enjoy their final years.

Customized caregiving solutions. We help seniors & their loved ones with:

  • In-Home Caregiver
  • Medical, social, & financial evaluations
  • Veterans resources
  • Choosing a senior assisted living

Every family situation is unique.
As your Geriatric Care Manager we will:

  • Assess medical, psycho/social, and living conditions to identify care and safety needs, then create a formal customized care plan designed to improve the client’s overall physical, mental, and emotional health while working within your family’s budget.
  • Visit clients onsite to oversee care provided by home care workers.

    • Serve as liaison and advocate between the physicians and family to make certain the client’s healthcare needs are met.
    • Contact care companion agencies with client criteria and arrange to find a match that best fits the client’s needs and behaviors.
    • Make expert referrals to physicians, attorneys, home health agencies, care companion agencies, day programs,assisted living, board &
    • Coordinate everything and update the family via email and phone calls.

Simply call us now at 916-877-6904 for a free consultation or fill out the form below to get started. We will spend as many hours as necessary for free to find the best solutions for you or your aging parent’s unique situation if a placement is made within 90-days.

Have a question? Need FREE help? Therese will contact you...

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