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Donald Wilson Interview: Co-founder “Safest Hires Inc” on California Caregiver Background Checks

Therese Johnson CEO of Senior Care of Sacramento, on her Money Radio 105.5 FM’s “Senior Moments” radio segment with host Jim Chong, interviews Donald Wilson, co-founder of SafestHire Inc. The focus is on the enormous lawsuit risk and $10,000 per incident fine risk for business owners not complying, to the letter, with the state of California’s extremely strict employee background check laws. This is of critical importance to anyone offering caregiver services.

Ed Bogle Interview: Hire Outside Help Sooner Rather Than Later

Therese Johnson interviews Ed Bogle about his personal experience with his wife’s cancer, and learning firsthand about how much better it is too NOT try to handle everything yourself. Bringing in an end-of-life consultant to help you and your family manage caregiving for a terminally ill loved one is worth its weight in gold. Especially important is the extra quality time you will may to spend in conversation with your loved one in the last couple weeks of life, if all of your time is not consumed with caregiving chores at the very end.

Daniel Wong Interview: Co-founder California Caregivers on Aging in Place

Therese Johnson, CEO of Senior Care of Sacramento, interviews Daniel Wong, co-founder of California Caregivers, about how his team provides clients and their loved ones the guardianship and comfort that enables “aging in place”. Mr. Wong discusses California Caregivers’ quality assurance program and the continuous caregiver training provided to his 100+ employees. He then discusses the central issue families face when deciding upon the appropriate time to move an aging senior to assisted living.

Dale Drury Interview: “Asset Positioning & Protection Secrets: Save the Family Nest Egg and Save the House From Forfeiture to the State of California”, skilled nursing entitlements & veteran’s benefits.

Therese Johnson interviews Dale Drury about how much money Californian’s lose because they don’t know the Medi-Cal and Medicare rules on positioning assets, to protect those assets from forfeiture to the state and/or spend down at a nursing home. People get a little information from a professional consultant, and somehow then think that they can they figure out how to navigate the system on their own, and “They just take our Ferrari onto a dirt track and lose all their assets because they would not hire a professional who specializes in protecting your family’s wealth and inheritance from nursing home spend down and forfeiture to the state of California.”

Julie Barnes Interview: Branding Through Storytelling

Therese Johnson interviews Julie Barnes, “brand story strategist”, about the importance of storytelling to set one’s self apart in one’s marketplace. Eldercare professionals are no different in this regard than any other business. Senior caregivers should tell their story to become more deeply rooted in their local senior caregiving marketplace.

Advanced Directive

Gerontologist Therese Johnson discusses the meaning and purpose of an Advance Healthcare Directive, also known as living will.
An advanced healthcare directive is a legal document in which the senior specifies what actions should be taken for their health if they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves because of medical or mental incapacity.Therese Johnson, with host Jim Chong, on Money 105.5’s Senior Moments radio show.

Choosing a Senior Care Provider

Senior Care of Sacramento CEO Therese Johnson being is interviewed by Jim Chong on Money 105.5 FM’s Senior Moments show. She explains essential tips on how to find the best in-home healthcare planner and provider for your aging loved one. The provider must be a “one stop shop”, offering a diverse set of healthcare service delivery options, to be provided by a compassionate worker whose caregiving style is matched, by the case worker, with the personality of your love one.

The value of Respite Care to help a stressed caregiver

Senior Care of Sacramento CEO Therese Johnson, on Money 105.5 FM’s Senior Moments show with host Jim Chong, discusses the underestimated yet crucial need for a senior’s caregiver to maintain their own health, fitness, and emotional wellbeing. Any caregiver suffering from the stress of frequent or continuous caregiving really must recharge their batteries by taking a vacation at least twice a year. Even if it’s only a weekend, respite care can be a blessing for any caregiver who is providing a heavy and stressful load of caregiving time and effort. You can have a professional in-home caregiver come to your home or you can place the senior in assisted living for a weekend, a week, or even a month.

Reggae Musician – Zion Desmond Albert

Therese Johnson, CEO Senior Care of Sacramento, interviews the musician who wrote her company’s theme song. Zion Desmond Albert is from the Dominica West Indies, originally raised in U.S. Virgin Islands. He is a well-known reggae artist. He played with Ziggy Marley in concert in 2009 and has headlined many venues from California to Texas to New York. Hear more of his music at

Creation of a Long-Term Plan

Creation of a Long-Term Plan for an Aging Senior. Senior Care of Sacramento CEO Therese Johnson being is interviewed by Jim Chong on Money 105.5 FM’s Senior Moments show. Therese explains how the creations of a professional geriatric care management plan pays for itself, resulting in a better quality of life for your loved one.

Long-Term Eldercare Planning and Asset Protection

Senior Care of Sacramento CEO Thesese Johnson on Money 105.5 FM’s “Senior Moments” radio segment talking about long-term eldercare planning and asset protection.

Carol Costa Smith interview ‘Paying For Skilled Nursing’

Carol Costa Smith is being interviewed by Jim Chong and Senior Care of Sacramento CEO Therese Johnson about paying for skilled nursing.

Managing Hoarding Behavior

Senior Care of Sacramento CEO Therese Johnson is interviewed on Money 105.5 FM’s “Senior Moments” radio segment about self-help tips for managing hoarding behavior. Seniors often have trouble downsizing. There is a tendency to become a little obsessive worrying about keeping items that really should be sold or discarded. For others, especially those who have been known as a packrat even before downsizing, this anxiety may lead to obsessive compulsive disorder in the form of hoarding. Therese offers practical tips and advice on how to see clutter for what it is, and how to move on and solve the problem.

Memory Loss vs Alzheimer’s & Other Dementia

Changes in the brain that develop in old age are, many times, linked to memory loss, with or without some form of dementia. Memory loss combined with a relatively small degree of confusion, aka cognitive impairment, is what used to be termed “senility”. But it is only when memory impairment and cognitive decline result in noticeable trouble performing normal daily functions — hourly recurrence of confusion — that the onset of disabling dementia should be suspected and diagnosis sought.

Reiki for Dementia Related Wandering & Paranoia

Senior Care of Sacramento CEO Therese Johnson is a Reiki practitioner. In this interview, Therese talks about her experience giving Reiki treatments to patients over the years and seeing firsthand the benefits for behavior problems associated with aging and dementia. Reiki is a touch-based “bio-energy” therapeutic practice that helps the patient break energy channels that get blocked or weakened, so that energy flows through the body to the point(s) of trauma.

Senior Care of Sacramento Services Offered

Senior Care of Sacramento CEO Therese Johnson being is interviewed by Jim Chong on Money 105.5 FM’s Senior Moments show. Therese explains the Services Offered of Senior Care of Sacramento.

Warning Signs Your Parents Need Help Handling Finances

Senior Care of Sacramento CEO Thesese Johnson on Money 105.5 FM’s “Senior Moments” radio segment talking about warning signs telling you that your parents that need help with their finances.

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