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Senior Care of Sacramento Services Offered

Senior Care of Sacramento CEO Therese Johnson being is interviewed by Jim Chong on Money 105.5 FM’s Senior Moments show. Therese explains the Services Offered of Senior Care of Sacramento.

Jim Chong: Therese Johnson of Senior Care of Sacramento. Therese, how are you today?

Therese Johnson: Hey Jim, I’m doing good. And I want to share with you that I took Courtney Smith workshop and it was awesome. I learned more in his workshop about trading then I ever learn in Economics and college. I tell you, it was well worth it.

Jim: Great! Maybe we could, together a lot of senior and we could all take this course together.

Therese Johnson: Hey! I’m sure a lot of more like it cause a lot of them have lost a lot of trust over the 2008 debacle and he will really does help with the risk management taken out of it with the psychology and all that and help you get back on track.

JimChong : That is awesome, he is a definitely very trusted what he does but all sincere there’s a lot of compliance issue if we were just pulling together a lot of seniors, so that was definitely meant to be a lot of joke. However, that would be really good, you know that. Anyway, today we really focusing on a tribute to caregivers and we want to go ahead. This is very special to us cause both Cammy and I support an organization. I’m on executive board of healings and motions that really does also specialize in really giving caregiver support to all caregiver and I just want to jump right in to here as well, just what is the biggest needs of caregivers from what you see and you work us in a placement and in terms of really placing people, you really work people that are professional, maybe they have a love one looking for place, you’re the person definitely to visit. But along with that, you also help these people that are helping, people that are really have some sort of physical element. What do you think the biggest need is for caregivers today?

Therese Johnson: Well, what I see the most is that there so exhausted and overwork and they don’t take care of themselves that they all rested. They need a lot of schedule time for themselves and vacation and time off and I mean some of them they don’t even take one day off a week. There so many of them specially couples, spouses they taking care of their love ones and they don’t have one single day for themselves. And that’s the biggest problem that I see and a lot of the daughters and daughter-in-laws that are taking care or managing and trying to work out there and still manage their Mom and Dad care and then there almost like an employer having to hire a caregivers, but they are caregivers too because their doing the managing part of caregiving at the whole another level of caregiving and that can be stressful as well.

Jim Chong: So what do you recommend in terms of this, I know just with a really making sure that caregivers take care of themselves, is there anything you would recommend specifically?

Therese Johnson Yeah.

Jim Chong: No, no. Let me put a little twist on this well. A caregiver, not necessarily as somebody formally just only looking after senior, although that could be, but also that could be a professional, your taking care of Mom, I know, I’m really functionally, function as caregiver and Cammy you are as well which you have an incredible Mom, I have to mention that. (Laugh). But what you recommend for people to take care of themselves especially if they have a job and try to joggle all this around? Let’s deal with that cross segment cause I know you have specialize that as well.

Therese Johnson: Yeah, absolutely. I mean we are, I mean a good Juriatic care manager earns every cent that you pay them and that’s what we, basically our word Juriatic case manager and we can help with so take some of that burden, so there not doing everything that employer does which is basically those professional if their working full time and then they are managing their Moms caregivers, we help alleviate that situation and hopefully take away some of their guilt. So many of them are feeling guilty because they don’t have enough time to spend with their Mom or love ones because their working all the time or their parents don’t have enough money to get enough help so there also being the hands on caregiver after they work an 8 hours shift and or they have other issues their dealing with. There wondering if their parents should be driving cause their showing some signs of memory lost, they’re not remembering take their medication and so what we do is we can, were expert of helping to reduce risk like their wearing about their safety issues like driving their falls like that kind of thing. We have a lot of tools in our tool bag, I’ve been doing this 18 years and I have lots of tricks in the trade and I specializing them just so I have a lot of client have behavioral issues so we have a lot of tricks to help. Caregiver deals with that to make their job less stressful, we help with eliminating the unnecessary medication and treatment that can also create more funds to help pay for caregivers and we really help with findings maximizing the senior entitlement benefits and other resources so that we create more financial cash help pay for the caregiving services so that professional woman who trying to work can maybe have some time off and not be working like double shift every day.

Jim Chong: That is really great and I know what you do so special, I actually have a somebody probably listening right know, talk to her a little bit for Rosemarie Westrap, we love you, we know your husband had pass, Richard a great, great man who suffer also from stroke but I was really privileged from the fact that I actually heard him speak cause usually he couldn’t really coherently communicate last time I visited. Wow, he could communicate, we gonna hear a little bit more about Richard, he was an incredible man, with an incredible story, but I just want to send a tribute out there also to Rosemarie but, we want to thank you Therese just for your great advice in term of how you help people really be able to help the people they love the most and also help themselves if they happen to be a caregiver as well. And you can go ahead and find out more from Therese Johnson, you can go ahead and look at Senior Care of to find out just a little more information. Any final words Therese before we continue on.

Therese Johnson: Yeah, just want let the people know that were happy to do as much as little as you needed with Juriatic case management, we do it all and it is the month of love and valentines, so, we want all our caregivers to remember that. You can’t love someone else until you love yourself first, so do something nice for yourself for Valentine’s Day.

Jim Chong: That is great and so we gonna look at Steve Gasur, he is one incredible tech there, let’s go ahead and wish, he said love our senior, so I really look at Steve, we love you Steve. No, no, he is definitely young at heart, and we love you Therese for what you are doing as well, so thank you for joining us.

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