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April 2017 Newsletter

April Newsletter:
Reiki for Alzheimer’s Patients

German doctor Alois Alzheimer first defined Alzheimer’s disease in 1906 as a disorder of the brain causing damage to brain tissue over a period of time.

Alzheimer’s accounts for more than half of all organically caused memory loss cases in the United States. The disease can linger from 2 to 25 years before death results. It is the fourth leading cause of death in the aged, following heart disease, cancer, and stroke. There is no known long term cure.

Alzheimer’s causes a global loss of intellectual abilities that is severe enough to interfere with or complete impair daily functioning. Initial symptoms are subtle; the person may show signs of personality change, memory loss, poor judgment, have less initiative, be unable to learn new things, have mood swings and/or become easily agitated.

As the disease progresses, the victim gradually develops speech and language problems, movement and coordination difficulties, total confusion and disorientation, and may ultimately rely completely on a caregiver for daily functioning. Although in the early stages of Alzheimer’s the victim may appear completely healthy, the damage slowly destroys brain cells.

Therese Johnson, owner of Senior Care of Sacramento, is a certified gerontologist and, for seven years, was owner, operator and administrator of a six-bed 24-hour care home that specialized in caring for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Over the years, she noticed that some of her patient’s responded exceptionally well to being touched, especially in areas of the body where they had pain or injuries. Having trained at The Therapeutic Body Center in California with Sister Mary Mebane in the use of Reiki, Therese initiated the use of Reiki as a form of therapeutic touch and found it to be more effective than the previous informal healing touch she had been using. She then decided to use Reiki with many of her patients.

For more information on using the Reiki to treat Alzheimer’s disease, please click here:
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About Senior Care of Sacramento

Most senior care placement referrals are made by sales agents with little or no background in eldercare. With Senior Care of Sacramento you benefit from hands-on field work and other personalized services from CEO Therese Johnson. Therese has 17 years experience working in acute eldercare, long-term care eldercare, and residential eldercare in varying capacities; as a certified gerontologist, nurse’s assistant, continuing education provider, and as owner/administrator a Residential Care Community for the Elderly in Auburn. Therese is an Alzheimer’s specialist who has overseen the planning and implementation of processes and treatments to reverse the degenerative progression of Alzheimer’s in some of her clients. She is a senior citizen advocate who revolutionized eldercare in California by sponsoring and facilitating the passage of the Assisted Living Waiver Pilot Project for Medi-Cal (Legislative bill AB 499).

April Newsletter

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