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Daniel Wong Interview: Co-founder California Caregivers on Aging in Place

Therese Johnson, CEO of Senior Care of Sacramento, interviews Daniel Wong, co-founder of California Caregivers, about how his team provides clients and their loved ones the guardianship and comfort that enables “aging in place”. Mr. Wong discusses California Caregivers’ quality assurance program and the continuous caregiver training provided to his 100+ employees. He then discusses the central issue families face when deciding upon the appropriate time to move an aging senior to assisted living.

DANIEL WONG | California CareGivers | | 916-478-2828


Jim Chong: Here to talk about a little bit about that is Therese Johnson from Senior Care of Sacramento, and she has a very special guest. And so I’d like to go ahead and turn this over to her as she brings back a special guest that is in a very special arena to help those we love.

Therese Johnson: Hi Jim. Thanks for having us on. And I love what Mark Shankel was saying about leveraging. And for our listeners today, we have some solutions for leveraging people, like he was talking about, for our seniors out there that maybe have already leveraged all thier family and friends and need some more help, we’re gonna give you a solution to that today, so… Aging in place is the philosophy that we aspire to for our clients that need caregiving assistant at Senior Care of Sacramento. And after assessing our client’s budget and their needs, we will always refer them to an in-home  caregiving company first if that is what is in their best interest after our assessment.  So it’s my pleasure to have one of the in-home companies, California Caregivers, that we are proud to work with, here today. Welcome Daniel?

Daniel Wong: Thank you Therese. Thank you. I appreciate that and by invitation being here today.

Therese Johnson: Daniel Wong is with California Caregivers, and California Caregivers is a family-owned and operated non-medical in-home care company. California Caregivers services the greater Sacramento area. And having 25 years of pharmaceutical industry experience and inspired by compassion, Daniel started California Caregivers with his wife, who is in RN, and with his brother, 4+ years ago. So I know Daniel, you and your wife, were already working in medical professions when you decided to open California Caregivers, so you both came with the great background of experience. So, tell me, why did you decide to get into this business.

Daniel Wong: Well, Therese, thank you again for inviting me here. The reason why we got into the industry, the in-home care industry, that we were in corporate America for about 25 years, just working with Big Pharma, you know, we wanted a change. My wife was, and she still is a registered nurse. She moved from the hospital setting to go work for pharmaceutical company also. And she did that for about 5 years. And, you know, just a corporate America – we felt like we were doing something for the corporation, but probably something deep down inside of us – we wanted to help somebody, help staff or help someone. So, you know, after doing some research, you know, we wanted to fulfill a need, and, you know, that was helping seniors.

Therese Johnson: Awesome! And that’s great because you guys had already had a great background. So what makes you different from other non-medical in-home companies?

Daniel Wong: Well, we’re a family-owned operated business, so it’s myself, my wife, my younger brother. We personally take calls on weekends and after hours. You know were probably one of a couple companies here in Sacramento that has a registered nurse on staff 24/7 and that is, you know, my wife.

Therese Johnson: And that is a big plus, I know, and plus you have an entire staff of caregivers as well.

Daniel Wong: Yeah.  Our staff is very large. We have over a hundred caregivers that work for us.

Therese Johnson: Oh, wow, so more than even when I first start working with you.

Daniel Wong: Yeah, that was 4 years ago.

Therese Johnson: Yeah wow! You’ve grown so.

Daniel Wong: We started at 12 people.

Therese Johnson:  Alright, yeah, well that’s awesome.

Jim: That’s called leveraging. Just hard work.  More to talk about, right?

Therese Johnson: Yeah! So, do you, can you tell me the difference between medical and non-medical in-home services?

Daniel Wong: Absolutely. There’s, medical is considered home health. That’s where a, like for example, a senior or an average adult, they go to hospital and they fall, for example, they go to rehab, once they go to, then they go home, and then from there, you know, the use of registered nurse or a with PT, OT, where they come to the home and help the actual patient. With us – we’re non-medical. So we do all the other stuff like the bathing, the medication reminders, the physical therapy stuff, when the PT people aren’t there, just the assistance.

Therese Johnson: Transportation, housekeeping, alright.

Daniel Wong: Yep.

Therese Johnson: That’s great! So, what do you find as the main reason many people need to move on to assisted living at some point if they can’t stay at home?

Daniel Wong: Mainly, probably, their budget. For example, if they do in-home care, you know, the average person is anywhere from, like, 6 hours a day, to 20 hours a week, and then, once they exceed hours in needing help, it gets pretty expensive. Then from there they can go into a place, you know, utilize a placement agent like yours and then get that 24-hour care at little bit more cost effective. Because, you know, once they start using more hours, it just gets pretty expensive.

Therese Johnson: Yeah. But obviously we want keep them at home as long as possible.

Daniel Wong: Absolutely.

Therese Johnson: So, and I know that also that you’re do a good job in training and educating your staff.

Daniel Wong: Yeah. So we train our staff just about every other month, you know, we bring ‘em in for training, she has a specific topic, like transferring – just train them in that perspective, and we have a quality assurance coordinator that goes out and works with our staff every week also.

Therese Johnson: And that what’s gives me a lot of confidence in working with your company as well, and referring you, so, if you need reliable trustworthy experienced caregivers for your love ones, you can reach Daniel at California Caregivers at 916-478-2828, or at their website , and California spelled out, and the phone number again is 916-478-2828. And thank you so much for being here with us today, Daniel, I appreciate it.

Daniel Wong: Thank you! Appreciate it.

Jim: You know I always appreciate you, Therese, you bringing on quality people, that really help people. an you go ahead and give your phone number as well, cause I know people may need to talk about placement.

Therese Johnson: Yes, it’s 530-305-8872, and, yeah we can do an assessment and help them decide what’s the best level of care for their love one.

Jim Chong: And can you repeat the number one more time slowly please?

Therese Johnson: 530-305-8872

Jim Chong: Great! That’s Therese Johnson and Daniel Wong. Therese Johnson with Senior Care of Sacramento. You can look at their site at

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