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Geriatric Care Management Pays for Itself

Senior Care of Sacramento works to establish a solution, first and foremost, that keeps the senior in their own home. CEO Therese Johnson, a seasoned senior care advocate who runs Senior Care of Sacramento as an “aging-in-place” focused company, provides information, tools, and assistance needed for the aging to live the highest quality of life possible with dignity and respect.

We save you money by eliminating unnecessary services and duplicate costs incurred because of overlapping caregiver shifts or excess medical tests and exams.

As seniors live longer and providing and funding eldercare becomes more complex, more and more capital region families find Senior Care of Sacramento’s services, most of which are free, essential to managing the needs of their aging seniors. We’re neutral. If you need an unbiased voice in your dialogue with your parent, we provide it.

Senior Care of Sacramento assists seniors and their families with matters of housing, safety, health, and other issues of aging. This assistance can be especially valuable for the family member that takes on the responsibility of acting as the loved one’s care advocate and is caught in the “sandwich generation” – a term that refers to people who find themselves in the middle of working a job, having children of their own at home, and caring for an aging or ill parent all at the same time.

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We uncover unused benefits. These include Medi-Cal eldercare benefits, VA benefits, huge but little known Medicare eldercare benefits for which most seniors are entitled if their finances are structured precisely and forms are filed correctly, and supplemental prescription and other “best fit” insurance coverage for your unique circumstances.

You can even take a vacation!

One option is to take the one for which you are caring with you on an overnight getaway close to your home or their home. But, if you prefer, Senior Care of Sacramento can arrange for temporary respite care with an in-home care service or a short stay at a senior care community so that you can take a much needed break. Refresh yourself for the “long haul”. Therese Johnson personally vets all in-home services and senior care communities for which we do respite care referrals.

We cover all levels of care. All documents and instructions are with us, so your parent’s treatment is consistent whether he/she lives at home, in an assisted living setting, board and care, or a nursing home. We know how to advocate for all levels of care.

We are your eyes and ears. Out-of-town family members no longer have to spend top dollar for emergency travel because of an unexpected hospitalization. We are here to advocate and keep you apprised of the situation.

We let you and your siblings be adult children to your parent. We handle the crises and solve the problems so you can be the loving sons and daughters you are.

We let you focus on your work without worry about leaving the workforce to care for your parent. You won’t be absent or distracted as much.

We get the job done right the first time. Think of us as a real estate agent selling your house or a lawyer representing your interests. We are trained to provide care. You could do it yourself, but what if that results in costly and dangerous mistakes? What if you hire a private caregiver who falls in your kitchen and sues you? What if you don’t choose appropriate placement, then, have to move your parent again and again, causing transfer trauma? It’s better to put your money toward people who are experts in senior care management.

We are happy to do as much or as little as needed.

About Therese Johnson

Therese Johnson is a freelance writer and book author, local TV producer, radio show host on Money 105.5FM’s “Senior Moments”, and the founder of Senior Care Of Sacramento. She is a gerontologist, community and social service specialist, continuing education provider, and administrator for residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE). She is an Alzheimer’s Specialist and certified nurse’s assistant. Therese is passionate about optimizing the quality of life for senior citizens, through taking an integrative medicine approach to their care, as well as engaging in social and financial advocacy on their behalf.

Therese studied conventional, complementary, and alternative medicine and spent 16 years working in acute care, long-term care, and residential care for the elderly.

While serving as the president and legislative advocate of Foothill Association of Care providers for the Elderly (FACES), Therese sponsored and successfully passed the Assisted Living Waiver Pilot Project (AB 499), requiring Medi-Cal to fund RCFEs and Board and Care – small, home-like environments offering seniors personalized attention, private quarters, and dignified lifestyles. Prior to the passage of this bill, Medi-Cal only funded skilled nursing facilities.

Therese is the founder and Executive Director of the Integrated Alzheimer’s Research Group, which provides Alzheimer’s intervention and prevention training. She is the founder and president of the Alzheimer’s Reiki Program, which offers continuing education for nurses and caregivers, taking a holistic approach to treating and reversing Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. Therese also is a volunteer for Sutter Auburn Faith Hospice.

Therese received her Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A) in Government, from California State University of Sacramento and (a 2nd) Associates of Arts degree (A.A) in Gerontology from American River College, in Sacramento, CA, where she was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society and where she also received her Gerontology Recreation Certification, Social Services Certification, and Activities Director Certification; she received her Associates of Arts degree (A.A) in General Education from Sierra College, where she also received the Business and Professional Women’s Associate Scholarship; she received her first aid, CPR, and Certified Nurse’s Assistant (C.N.A.)Training from the Sacramento American Red Cross and she received her Reiki Master certification through The International Center for Reiki Training ICRT, with William Rand, in New York.

Therese Johnson directed, produced and presented a television documentary on her continuing education and credit program on Auburn Community Television in 2004. She has also appeared on Auburn Community Television Programs as a Senior Consultant and Reiki master guest speaker.

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She has been published multiple times in The International Reiki News Magazine beginning in the August 2002 edition with her article “Treating Alzheimer’s Disease with Reiki”. She published the article “Medi-cal Reform that is Long Overdue” in the Foothills Guide to Professional Services.

Simply call us now at 916-877-6904 for a free consultation or fill out the form below to get started. We will spend as many hours as necessary for free to find the best solutions for you or your aging parent’s unique situation if a placement is made within 90-days.

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